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Trade Shows Now Geared Toward the Hemp and CBD Industry

Posted by Jessica Diers on

I think we all remember several years ago when cannabis was legalized in Colorado, especially us Coloradans. Legalization had an impact on various businesses and industries in our state. I know for the trade show industry, we saw a rise in trade show interest. Many of the outdoor festivals started to expand and build lucrative events in the trade show space. Many companies rebranded and started second businesses under the “cannabis” umbrella. From constructions companies, to marketing companies, to dispensaries, everyone was trying to get a piece of the action. Each new client we acquired was an opportunity for us to invest into the new and prosperous industry.

I sense a new wave of excitement and innovation with the legalization of hemp and CBD. We have plenty of new clients coming through that are in the hemp and/or CBD space and are starting to attend trade shows. I was recently in Baltimore, MD attending one of my favorite trade shows: Natural Products Expo East, which focuses on the natural products industry. This year, an entire floor of the trade show was dedicated to “hemp." Also, on the main trade show floor there were several CBD companies. I also attended Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA last March. I did not see a section dedicated specifically to hemp, but there were several CBD companies in attendance. I am still wrapping my mind around the development in this industry, with the legalization, I think the industry has major potential for growth and development.

If you are a hemp or CBD company that is looking to get involved in an upcoming trade show, please reach out to us. We are actively educating our staff on the movement in this space and will be able to direct you toward great trade shows that can bring more awareness to your brand and a strong ROI.

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