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It's A Marshmallow World in the...Summer?

Posted by Hannah Hochstetler on

I can hear it now, Dean Martin crooning about fresh powder turning the ground into a marshmallow world. I know, I know, the last thing you want to hear about is more snow. We have finally escaped winter’s clutches and broke forth into a warm spring, so why am I bringing up the popular Christmas song?

Because marshmallows are not only toppers for hot cocoa and winter metaphors for snow. They are also for toasting over bonfires, being smushed between a graham cracker and a brick of chocolate (let’s be real, no one only puts a few little rectangles of chocolate on their s’mores these days; it’s at least half the bar) and today, as a metaphor for inflatable furniture.

Just in time for summer, we have released our line of inflatable furniture. These pieces are perfect for casual meetings and lounging under a tent away from the heat of the day during outdoor events. They also work great indoors and provide a unique touch to any display. Mix and match our different types to create a modular configuration that suits your ever-changing needs.


We offer four types of inflatable furniture:

  • Chair
  • Loveseat
  • Couch
  • Ottoman

Each item is made of polyurethane and includes a fully dye-sublimated graphic cover, letting you customize the lounging experience. Maybe you have a few different ideas of how to implement these into your display. Great! If you purchase additional graphic covers, you’ll be set for any occasion without needing to purchase a new seat entirely.

These fun chairs perfectly compliment our inflatable arches and air tents. How convenient is that! Both our air tents 

and arches are completely water resistant and UV proof, so your graphics will look just a stunning after a summer in the sun as they did when you first took them out of the box. Combined with the inflatable furniture or used separately, any event or exhibit booth will stand out in a big way from the rest as these items are hard to miss!

With the wonderfully warm weather not allowing for snow anytime soon, [finger’s crossed because this is Colorado...] you can still have, as the song says, a whipped cream day, it may just be in the form of a banana split instead.

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