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4 Fantastic Trade Show Display Designs from 2018

Posted by Jessica Diers on

2018 has been an exciting year at Diers Exhibits. We have been working on some special trade show display designs that our team is extra excited to share with you. Our designs are developed for companies across the board. The trade show display world is a melting pot of many industries that exhibit at a variety of unique trade shows. We recently designed a booth for Sweetwood Smokehouse who exhibited at Expo East, a health food show. Sweetwood Smokehouse is a beef jerky company out of Steamboat Springs, CO (tasty stuff if you haven’t tried it). In the same month, our client Sage Hospitality exhibited at the GBTA Conference in San Diego, the global business travel association trade show. Sage is an industry leader in creating boutique hotels.  We enjoy learning about a variety of trade shows through our clients. We are privileged to work with companies that keep our creative juices flowing.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to 4 Fantastic Trade Show Display Designs from 2018.

Virginia Transformer Corporation

14' LED Video Wall + 40' x 50' Custom Rental Design


At the front of this booth design was a 10'T x 14'W LED video wall. Even from a distance, the video wall stood out over other booths and established a strong presence in the booth space. The rental design was built out of large metal extrusion and silicone edge fabric graphics. Frosted acrylic was used in the center of the booth, and also in the conference rooms. The booth height ranged from 10'T up to the highest point of 18’T.

SweetWood Smokehouse

10x20 Custom Exhibit

Sweetwood Smokehouse is currently attending the Sweet and Snacks show in Chicago, IL with a new custom 10x20 trade show booth. Our staff designers came up with a rustic, yet contemporary design for this tasty beef jerky company. Sweetwood is based in Steamboat Springs, CO and was founded by owner, Ryan Wood, who returned to Steamboat after co-founding Under Armour. "Sweetwood Smokehouse began as a small family cattle ranch on the banks of the Elk River, supplying beef to restaurants in Steamboat Springs, evolving quickly into a full range of slow smoked, all-natural meat snacks. From the start, Sweetwood Smokehouse has always believed in using only the highest quality meats, freshest all-natural ingredients and home grown American hickory wood to smoke the best mean snacks available anywhere." The Sweetwood team is full of creative, enthusiastic, meat-lovers that are passionate about their brand.

As for the custom trade show display, Diers used a metal extrusion frame, with SEG graphics (silicone edge graphic) and laminate graphics for the end caps. The counters are wood builds with laminated black tops, and custom wood grain for the main structure. We used LED tape lighting under the lip of each counter top, these are RGB lights that can be adjusted on a remote with a color wheel. Metal stools were included for each counter attached to the back wall, so clients can sit and sample beef jerky, and the Sweetwood crew can have a personal chat when necessary. The flooring is a durable interlocking vinyl in a light wood grain. Saving the best for last, Bec and Joy from Sweetwood are front and center, these ladies led the booth design and were amazing to work with!

Sage Hospitality 

10x10 Custom Trade Show Display 

Sage Hospitality's new 10' custom exhibit recently made its first debut at the GBTA conference in San Diego. The booth had great reviews and was truly a show stopper. The bright light box images are SEG (silicone edge graphic), each image spotlights a specific Sage property. The light boxes are dye sublimation print on fabric, and each image is crisp and eye catching. The back wall is also SEG framework, and the graphic is dye sublimation print on fabric. The frame was airbrushed white to give a clean look. We used frosted acrylic panels on the sidewalls. The baseboards are a wood build with internal LED lights for a soft glow at the base of the display. The flooring is a black wood rollable vinyl. This design was created with the help of Role Agency. The booth was a huge hit at its first show!

SENS - Stored Energy Systems

10' x 20' Inline Lightbox Hybrid Display

This 20' back wall is built from engineered aluminum extrusion. The middle panel is extended out from the back wall around 2' to give a dimensional look. All panels utilize our Supernova LED lights that are installed top and bottom of the metal frame. The pedestal and counter are both custom designs for SENS to house specific product. LED tape lighting was installed under the lip of the counter and pedestal. Remote is included with a color wheel.

Thanks for reading. Please contact us for information on building your own custom booth design. 

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